World of Warcraft# 6 Front Cover & Sneak Preview

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Today we reveal the new front cover of World of Warcraft# 6 by Samwise Didier, and a 5-pages sneak preview. Issue# 6 will be at newsstands and comic shops on April 16th.  The revelation of Lo’gosh’s true identity will happen at issue# 6 when Lo’gosh meets Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore. The old woman warlock in the cover is probably Aegwynn … Medivh’s mother.

As you may recall, during our Q&A with Walter Simonson in November, I asked if the human hero would meet Aegwynn in Theramore—those who haven’t read World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Jaina found Aegwynn in Kalimdor and worked together to banish a powerful demon back to the Twisting Nether.  Aegwynn has remained beside Jaina ever since in Theramore as Jaina’s personal advisor. Aegwynn’s true form remains disguised.  Some fans think Aegwynn is the night elf named Pained in the World of Warcraft MMO. Others that it is the male archmage at Jaina’s side.  We will probably find out that mystery in this issue.

You can view the front cover of issue# 6 and the 5-pages sneak preview at our World of Warcraft Comic Book section here.

Additionally, solicitations for issue# 9 are available below.  Issue# 9 is scheduled for July 16th.

World of Warcraft Vol. 1
DC Comics (Wildstorm)
Issues# 1-7

Again, if you have missed previous issues of World of Warcraft comic book, don’t sweat. DC Comics is releasing a trade paperback collecting in a single tome issues# 1-7 (First story arc) under the title: World of Warcraft Vol. 1—you can pre-order it at our Store section

This is a very nice option to fans who wish to start collecting the WoW Comic book from scratch; those who recently started and missed the first issues, or simply to have them all in a single book.  This Volume 1 contains 160 pages and will be available at bookstores and comic shops on July 29, 2008.


Exquisitely sculpted and intricately painted, fans of Warcraft will be thrilled to see the final in-game playable race, the Tauren, join DC Unlimited’s stunning figure line-up at last!

Advance-solicited; on sale December 3, 2008 (Action Figures)



You will find out the identity of the amnesic human by issue# 6 (April 16th). However, if you don’t wish to know the amnesic human’s identity in this spoiler solicitation for issue# 9 (July 2008) stop reading past this line because it is implied.


Lo’Gosh, Valeera, Broll, and Thargas make their way to Ironforge via a circuitous route through the Wetlands. And back in Stormwind, Prince Anduin suspects all is not as it seems with his father, King Varian.

On sale July 16 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US
Written by Walter Simonson. Covers by Samwise Didier and Ludo Lullabi
Art by Jon Landry & Jerome K. Moore


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