What if — Blackthorne in Heroes of the Storm

Written by Medievaldragon on . Posted in Blackthorne

I began to chart a walkthrough of Blackthorne as you might have noticed in the right menu’s video game content listing. So far charted three levels of the Mines of Androth zone.

It’s a fun game and a bit hard to master — especially when there is no map except your mind to remember where to go. My walkthrough helps a bit because I added a large PNG image where I mapped out every single room of each level.

I uploaded three videos so far into my YouTube channel. One fan by the name Georg Veramme posted the following: “I hope Blackthorne will be in Heroes of the storm…”

That hit like a brick to my jaw. Whoa? Could that be the reason Blizzard Entertainment decided to launch a free download of Blackthorne a week before BlizzCon? So that newcomers play the game and get acquainted with the character: Kyle Vlaros (aka Blackthorne). Wouldn’t it be nice if Kyle was one of the Heroes of the Storm characters? The Lost Vikings? All-out MOBA-style.


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