WCRadio: BlizzCon Coverage

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We are relaying to you the message from Athalus and WCRadio:

Athalus: WoW Radio had a successful trip to Blizzcon and we are ready to share some of the footage you might have missed from the show! We plan on releasing around five hours worth of footage, with more on the way later potentially. This footage will include:

  • The welcome speech with Mike Morhaime and Shane Dabiri that gave the world its first look at the expansion pack.
  • Interviews with Blizzard Entertainment Co-Founder Frank Pearce, Community Representative Eyonix, Author Richard A. Knaak and Jeremy Ross, the editorial director from Tokyopop (publishers of the Warcraft Manga).
  • All of the concerts and movies on stage from Friday night.
  • Q&A Professions discussion. The Item and Professions designers discuss Jewelcrafting, “Nexus Crystals” (disenchanted epic items recipes). We also get our first look at the new art for Tier 2 Epics and many of the items that will be in Ahn’Qiraj.

We will probably release more footage than this publicly, but due to the large quantity of video we have (over 32 hours uncut!) we will only be able to professionally release a limited amount within the next week or so. The remaining content will be available shortly after or on our promotional DVD which we will be offering in the near future. The DVD set will include hours upon hours of footage for your consumption!

Until next time, this is Athalus from WoW Radio getting some sleep for once this week! Good night and I will see you Wednesday Night for “Violent Noise”

Medievaldragon: “Guys, I wish you acknowledge the hard and awesome work Athalus and the WCRadio staff have undergone to bring to you videostreaming from BlizzCon for over 15 hours straight of broadcast.  They have spend a lot of resources to get the broadcast online.  This is what I will ask all Blizzplanet loyal visitors:  Please, stay tuned to the BlizzCon DVD that will be released soon by WCRadio and buy it, or you can also donate to WCRadio.  I was behind the scenes talking with Athalus for last 4 weeks, and trying to help them out.  Athalus might kill me for this, but he spent $4,000 out of his pocket to buy a high-end computer to process the videostream and video compression for the non-live stream.  I know he has spent beyond what his credit card could have been able.  So let’s help him out.  We saved over $400 in Blizzard tickets, flight and hotel reservations, food and other expenses.  We could witness some of what the developers said and did at BlizzCon.  It is fair to give back to WCradio some love for their awesome job.  You can donate to WCRadio here:

I will update in Blizzplanet any news of when the DVD will be out, and will tell our fans when the downloads are available.  Athalus told me last night on Sunday that they are already uploading stuff.  Some of the videos will be available for download tomorrow Tuesday.  I promised Athalus to run free Ad banners of the DVD sale to show our support.

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