Warcraft: Night of the Dragon Novel

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Back on October, in our previous Diablo: The Sin War interview with Richard A. Knaak, the novelist revealed two future Warcraft projects: a Burning Crusade Manga and a Warcraft novel.  After contacting Richard last week, he confirmed the manga is planned.  The Warcraft Burning Crusade Manga will feature Tyri and Jorad Mace in Outland.  There is no date of release as it is on its early stages pre-contract between Tokyopop and Blizzard Entertainment.  The Manga will somehow tie-in with the MMO expansion.  No further details were given.

As for the Pocketbook, Richard sent a synopsis of the new Warcraft pocketbook last week—pending approval.  The new Warcraft novel is a sequel to DAY OF THE DRAGON, featuring Rhonin and Krasus.  Richard A. Knaak is listing NIGHT OF THE DRAGON due November 2008.

Thanks, Drakzhor @ Deathwing (EU)

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