Warcraft III Patch Announcements/Updates

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The next Warcraft III Patch is coming quietly soon as reported by Karune. It is currently in development, pending Internal Quality Assurance (QA) approval.
A new year has begun and with that a promise was made to get the next Warcraft III patch out to our fans. During this process, I also hope I can shed some light on how the patching process works. On this thread, I will leave updates and announcements which will hopefully give you more insight into the status of this Warcraft III patch.

Warcraft III Patch Status

Gathering Community Feedback: Done
Gathering E-Sports Players Feedback: Done
Internal QA Testing: Done
Development Feedback: Done
Patch Development: In Progress
Final Internal QA: N/A

January 7th, 2008 – Met with the producer and was assured that the Warcraft III patch completion is to be brought up this week during their priority tasking meeting. The outcome of the meeting will be brought to my attention and then added on this thread. All estimated release times will also be added on this thread.

RTS Community Manager
Blizzard Entertainment

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