Voice Changer tool for Machinima, Roleplayers and Modders

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Warcraft III Modders and World of Warcraft Machinima video makers may now create awesome voice-overs using this must-have tool. The AV Voice Changer Software 4.0 allows you to produce exciting multi-voices and to change the pitch, timbre, and voice frequency. Even people with no experience in doing voice-over or doesn’t like their voice can now sound professional with a few changes to their recorded voices adding special effects. Roleplayers can benefit voicing their characters with unique pitches. What Gnomish roleplayer won’t love to talk on Ventrillo or Teamspeak in a funny pitch? The software allows you to give more depth to roleplayer’s characters; and Machinima movie makers may voice all their characters by themselves.

Voice Samples

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