Unreleased Instances and Regions Updated

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After few weeks of work, I have updated the Unreleased Instances and Regions Section.  This section was outdated.  Originally I created it as a means to share with the fans some background history and lore of the locations and instances not available in World of Warcraft yet.  I have all the Warcraft pocketbooks and RPG Books, and offered references of where to read more details—as a way to incentive fans to seek out the books available in our Store.

The original version of the outdated section was published by me under the screen name Medievalboy at the Official World of Warcraft Forums back on March 2005 – with over 80,000 views and 35 pages of feedback.  Once the thread exceeded the maximum limit and got pruned, I saved the info locally on Blizzplanet. It has been one of the most daily-visited pages of Blizzplanet with 186,961 views.  The section will be updated as new info or new content is released.  Hope you enjoy it!

If you wish to add or suggest new details feel free to submit it through the “Submit News” link.  If you find mistakes or broken links/images, please report it.  The community is a very integral part and suggestions are welcome.

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