Uldum Dungeon in the horizon?

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Uldum has been one of the dungeons highly expected by fans after playing through Uldaman.  Uldaman was one of the bases built by the Titans for experimentation in Azeroth.  Once defeating Archaedas the Watcher players discovered a handful of lore about the origin of the Dwarves and Troggs.  After grabbing the coins of Uldaman, kept in a keychain, and bringing them to Thunderbluff or Ironforge you are asked to go to Uldum to see what happens when you bring the keychain with you.

Norgannon the Dreamweaver is one of the Titans. His was the task to catalogue all types of magic and lore of the universe.  He left behind in Azeroth golem watchers such as Archaedas as compilers of history and custodians to guard the Titan bases in Azeroth.

There are three known Titan bases: Uldaman, Uldum and Ulduar.  Uldaman is located in Badlands, Uldur in Tanaris and Ulduar at the Storm Peaks of Northrend.

Uldum has a significant interest to fans because it is near Un’Goro Crater.  If you played through quests in Silithus you may have found out that Un’Goro Crater was the landing site where the Titans first arrived upon the world known as Azeroth.  Uldum has already a questline sending you there.  So we are left in the blue expecting something to happen thereafter.  The NPC even asks you to return to him for a follow up.  Obviously, Blizzard has had plans for Uldum since back in Closed Beta 2004.

Today, Drysc – a Blizzard Community Representative – made an interesting comment concerning Uldum that may be interpreted as a joke or as a hint to things being worked internally without actually saying much. Way to beat the beehive!

Drysc: “It’s full of mystery and wonder!

No, seriously, the place is chock full of boxes packed with mystery and wonder. We have to clean them all out before opening it up to the public.”

Draw your own conclusions.  For those who wish to read further lore from either books or in-game quests/books here are some links on the subject:

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