The Paving to Diablo 3 Storyline

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Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, book two: Scales of the Serpent

The second book of Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy is available. Scales of the Serpent will make jaw-dropping revelations as its previous book did. This novel by Richard A. Knaak unveils the mystery surrounding the Worldstone as you have never imagined.

Find out who created the Worldstone, and what purpose it was built for. This second book reveals it all. And how the destruction of the Worldstone by Angel Tyrael could unleash the rise of powerful heroes and villains in the Diablo III Game, with men caught in the crossfire of angels and demons who want to lay claim to Sanctuary and its gifted men as a weapon to ensure victory over the other faction.

Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, book one: Birthright

Discover the true origins of Rathma and necromancy.

The path to Diablo III is been paved quiet nicely. Don’t miss reading this novel.

If you are not sensible to BIG SPOILERS, read what a fan – member of our new Diablo 3 Forum commented after reading the second book.

Read our previous interview with Richard A. Knaak—who talked about the novel, dropping a big tease when asking him whether the storyline of his book would impact the storyline of Diablo 3.

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