Tempest Keep: Naaru Technology stolen by Kael’Thas

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Warlock from Scrollsoflore.com reports that the interview of Scott Mercer by Worldofwar.net reveals Tempest Keep—Kael’Thas instance—is what the Draenei refer to as the stolen technology.

Scott Mercer:: “Tempest Keep on Outland was an ancient Naaru Keep. It’s a floating castle that has the ability to travel between dimensions using arcane magic. The Draenei, desperate for allies, managed to sieze a portion of Tempest Keep and use it to travel to Azeroth. So the “stolen technology” refers to the Blood Elves who stole Tempest Keep. So really the Blood Elves they hate are Kael’Thas’ gang who stole the keep from them in the first place. And it’s not a space ship. But it’s all magic, so it’s all good.”

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