Stratics: Wow TCG Q&A with Kibler and Mandel

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Stratics conducted a public Q&A with Kibler and Mandel to talk about the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game: Heroes of Azeroth:

Jaxine[KT]– i hear you are coming out with raid scenarios later.. how many
players will be involved in those games?

Kibler– there’s something for everyone, really.  if you like constructed,
there’s a big constructed event.  if sealed deck is your thing, there’s that
too.  we’ll even have raid deck play and big multiplayer events smile
onidavin- Now I’m crying.

Reo– Are you going to go expansion crazy and have releases every few

Kibler – the raid decks are designed to have one player as the boss play
against 3-5 opponents.  they’re very cool

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