Starcraft: Queen of Blades Q&A Transcript

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We spent two hours and forty minutes with Aaron Rosenberg today at WCRadio’s IRC Chat to discuss the upcoming pocket book—STARCRAFT: QUEEN OF BLADES.  Additionally, he mentioned his work on World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery where he wrote the story of the Nerubians in Northrend, and World of Warcraft: Alliance Players Guide, and although, he didn’t write the following—some indirect hints of possible Faceless Ones lore. He spilled most of the beans on what the fans should expect from this new Starcraft bestseller book.  To make a story short, we will be witness of the hardships of Tassadar’s training into the Dark Templar philosophy with help of Zeratul. We will explore Jim Raynor’s guilt and interaction with the Protoss. And fathom the Overmind’s plans for the Queen of Blades … shh!  Read the Transcript.

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