Starcraft II - Single Player innovations?

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Gamasutra interviewed Chris Sigaty and Frank Pearce.  They mentioned that Starcraft won’t be unplugged from and may co-exist along with Starcraft II.  That’s a good news. Another question made by Gamasutra made the Developers go into a long silence, and actually chuckle … which left me with a dumbfound expression.

What are these guys cooking besides a Single Player? Are there some innovations we haven’t been told of?  Will the game be a hybrid between RTS and something innovative such as a MMO aspect in third person? Maybe it’s nothing, but this really made me scratch my forehead.  Read the full interview

Gamasutra: I’m still wondering…is Blizzard going to make a single player, kind of third person experience? Because it seems that you could easily build something out of World of Warcraft single player, or something like that. You don’t have to say anything, I was just wondering.

[long silence]

Chris Sigaty: Crickets…


Frank Pearce: The challenge we always have, not just within the World of Warcraft team like I mentioned earlier, but organization wide, is that there’s no shortage of great ideas, right? It’s just utilizing the ideas we have the resources to achieve.

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