Starcraft II On October 2007?

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The Inquirer (UK) has a short article in which the author says Starcraft II will be on shelves by October 2007. Either The Inquirer got inside info of something we don’t know, or they got mistaken.

The Inquirer: ” We left the best thing for the last. Traditionally, Blizzard was always announcing titles years before they will come to life. My first touch with World of WarCraft happened on ECTS in 2001, first touch with Diablo II and its add-on came during E3 and ECTS 2000 and so on. But now, StarCraft II is not being announced year or two prior to release. Blizzard has stated that the company will release this game in October of this year.

So, you can mark your calendars ready, Q4 of this year will be quite an interesting one. “

The Official Starcraft 2 FAQ page doesn’t mention a release date.  Knowing Blizzard, the game will be on sale when the game is ready.  No release dates are given ever unless the game has gone gold by Quality Assurance Department. We will have to wait and see if Blizzard confirms or denies that quote.

At most, wherever the Inquirer got this blurb—he may have confused the release with the Closed Beta.  And closed beta is still not set on stone.  The general fan guess (rumor) is closed beta could start as of October to December range.

Thanks to C.Roldan for the heads up.

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