Starcraft II Gencon Indy 2007 Video

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mdmayers shares a gameplay video from GenCon Indy 2007 with a Blizzard employee narrating details of Starcraft 2.  jhs)imperium@ USEast also informs of two new Terran Units not revealed before: The Predator and the Nomad.

The Predator is an anti-air unit. The Nomad looks like a Science Vessel and is used to repair ships.

This is what jhs)imperium@ USEast shares from his experience at GenCon Indy 2007:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that playing Starcraft II this weekend at Gen Con was awesome. Karune and the Dev team were there showing off SC2(they beat my partner and I badly in a 2v2). I got the feel of the new game really quickly and I’m speechless cause the game is going to be so good when its finshed and polished.

Here is the intresting things I saw after playing about 100 mins of the game. I’m just going to talk about the Terrans and the gameplay/UI. I may make talk about Protoss in a diffrent post or thread.

Gameplay/ UI

  • The Hotkey interface is awesome, now you can see what you hotkeyed on the screen.

  • Binding buildings to the hotkeys makes life easier.
  • Gameplay goes very fast you can play and you can finish a game in about 15-20 minitues.
  • SC II graphics do not look like WC3 graphics.
  • On the left of the screen the UI will tell you when buildings are done if your under attack ect.


  • The Siege Tank and Thor had a line of sight circle so if a enemy unit or buildings were in the line of sight circle the units could fire at it. This is a cool feature since you can now set your siege units at max range.

  • You can’t hover a building to see over a cliff or see farther through the fog of war. You will need to land your building or have a unit to see.
  • If you set your rally point to the CC when making SCV’s they will go inside the CC when completed.
  • Terran buildings in the red zone loose hp faster.
  • The Vikings are awsome. If Vikings stay in SC II prepare to master them because there are so many things you can do with them when you research flight form.
  • Reapers are fun to play with. Just throw mines into the mineral line or small buildings and watch the fireworks. These units can jump over cliffs with there jump packs. If the enemy dosent pay attention to his base much just use your scouting scv and make merc havens in his base and make a instant army of Reapers :p
  • Marines and Medics are the same nothing really new. Marines get a 15+ health with shields.
  • Battlecruisers are generally the same except they can be speced. You either choose turret spec which you can kill clustered units with many lasers, or the Yamano gun which is the origanl super laser. You can tell what spec the BC is by looking at the guns on it.
  • Cobras are used to kill mechanical units but I didnt use them.
  • Ghosts look really cool and the abilites they have will make them more useful in SC II. If used correctly they can change the tide of war by sending in drop pods filled with marines and nukes. They have a sniper abilty but I didnt see used much.
  • The Nomad is basicly a diffrent looking scinece vessel thatb can repair ships. Didnt use it much.
  • The Preatador is a anti air unit, but I didnt use it at all. If anyhitng use Vikings they were good enough for anti air.
  • I did not see a ranking system with the terrans.

Improvements for Terrans:

  • The Enginering Bay didnt have a liftoff ability when I played (I notified Karune about this).Hopefully liftoff is back on the building

  • Preadator and Nomad need to be remodled.
  • The building lights on the Barricks can be a little brighter. I couldnt tell if I was building units from the building or not.

Some final comments:

  • Zerg will be revealed really soon….

  • Karune and the fourm moderators are doing there best to fight spam.
  • There might be a movie from the action from Gen Con that might be added on the SC2 site we will see.
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