Starcraft II @ E3 2007—Official

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It is official!  Karune confirmed that Blizzard Entertainment will be at E3 2007 through July 10-13.  A week ago, I reported that Karune would also be at the San Diego Comic Con to be held on July 26-29. If you didn’t get a BlizzCon ticket, this could be your very opportunity to see Starcraft II at E3 and San Diego Comic Con.

Karune: ” Blizzard will be at E3 this year.  Members of the Dev Team for Starcraft II and I will be there showing off bits of the game to the press. Look forward to seeing you there if you’re going.

Update: Kotaku got word from Blizzard, E3 and San Diego Comic Con will be a visual demonstration of Starcraft II.  No hands-on gameplay. BlizzCon will be the first time the public is able to play the game at.

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