Starcraft II Beta: Terran Units Voiceover Complilation Videos

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There are many things that make Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty a game to be in your wishlist besides its awesome single player storyline and its fun to comeback over and over multiplayer. Among them are the tiny things that are in between, those small details that make you laugh or amuse. Be it the in-game jokes, parodies, real-life / pop culture references dubbed easter eggs by some fans.

Thinking of that kind of geeky audience I gathered a few videos to show you the Terran Units’ voiceover. You will listen to some funny dialogues there. You know … when you click the units multiple times, over and over again; and that unlocks a series of different sentences.

The marine continues to complain he’s still locked in that chicken [beep] outfit. The Siege Tank has some long pending indiscriminate justice to dispense. The Thor has that peculiar foreign accent with the famous-phrase: “I’ll be back” (The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger). The Reaper has a funny Pizza Delivery motto. The SCV catches a fly and happily proclaims his victory, just to find out he accidentally hit the self-destruct sequence. So many more. Blizzard is certainly the best at adding humor to their games.

We hope you have fun listening to the voiceovers, and that your crave for the game increments. Starcraft II Beta is here, and the release date is closer than ever.

Watch the following videos in full-screen mode for the portrait animations:

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