Starcraft: I, Mengsk Q&A Submissions Welcome

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In anticipation to our upcoming Q&A with Graham McNeill, I am taking submissions from fans who are looking forward to read this new StarCraft Pocket Book. You can submit your questions at the Starcraft Forums.

“I, Mengsk is a look at three generations of the Mengsk family from the inside out…what shaped Arcturus and the years of his life we haven’t seen yet: the relationship between his father and his son. It’s a novel about what it means to be a Mengsk, a story of fathers and sons, and looks at whether a man’s destiny is his own and how it is shaped by the generation before it.”

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here, with the Starcraft novel entering the final straits. I’ve begun the final third of the book and so far it’s going well, the pace is good, the vibe I’m getting from the characters is good, the plot’s moving forward at the right pace and, best of all, Blizzard seem to be liking it so far.—Graham McNeill said.

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