Starcraft 2: The Story So Far - Part 2

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Blizzard has released the second part of Starcraft 2: The Story So Far.  This time we get a lore summary of what happened after the sacrifice of Tassadar up to the moment Zeratul confronts Duran about the Hybrids. Worth a read. The page also contains cinematic footage from Starcraft and Brood War.

Reintegration of the protoss race

The protoss evacuees from Aiur have been struggling to recover from the loss of their home planet while finding ways to mesh their society with that of the dark templar who call Shakuras home. The transition has been difficult for both sides, and the name of Raszagal has been invoked more than once to keep the peace.

The old Conclave has been swept away, and in its absence many protoss have begun looking to their ancient tribal affiliations for leadership and a sense of identity. With the protoss people working together as they did in ancient times and studying the xel’naga technology on Shakuras, the protoss have made many technological developments for continuing the war with the zerg.

Memories of Raszagal have plagued Zeratul, who was further disturbed by his encounter with Samir Duran and the zerg-protoss hybrid Duran had apparently been creating. Shortly after bidding Raynor farewell on Shakuras, Zeratul departed the planet, and he has not been heard from in years. To this day he seeks to understand what Duran and the hybrid he was creating might portend. Lately he has uncovered something that may be related to the xel’naga, creators of both protoss and zerg, and he seeks new clues to unravel the mystery.

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