Starcraft 2 Previews

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The Associate Editor of Actiontrip,  has informed us of their new preview compiling most of the media concerning Starcraft 2.  Go check it out:

“The single-player campaign in SC 2 features a completely new chapter in the StarCraft storyline, taking place exactly four years after the events of the Starcraft expansion pack – Brood War. As the main story unfolds, you’ll get to experience the game through the perspectives of three factions: Terrans (the humans), the swarming alien race called the Zerg and the mysterious Protoss. Every race is governed by a capable leader. Officer Jim Raynor is stepped out as one of the greatest Terran leaders. The Zerg, on the other hand, have their own skilled champion, named Kerrigan, who was once a Terran soldier until she got “infested” by the Zerg. And finally, the Protoss are guided by a “dark templar” called Zeratul.”

Further previews coming through:

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