Starcraft 2: Nomad Renamed to Vulkan

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The Starcraft 2 terran unit Nomad has now been renamed to Vulkan and its graphics revamped. The Protoss Archon’s graphics have also been updated. This reminds everyone nothing remains the same throughout development, and even through beta things may still change drastically. The same held true in the original Starcraft game where units were added and removed constantly prior to release.

Karune: Speaking of the Nomad, it has actually gotten it’s new art update, and a name update as well. It is now known as the Vulkan, and will be resigning down chaos at your expansions with its Auto Turrets.

On that same note, the Archon has also been updated visually with an amazing portrait animation that will surely command respect when ordering this guy around. Furthermore, say good bye to the ‘walking’ Archons as the ‘legs’ to the unit model have been removed. This unit now hovers around the battlefield decimating enemy forces like a true ominous being. Keep a look out for these two art updates in future screenshot releases smile This new Archon is also ‘leg-less’ and has updated art from any build or screenshot seen thus far is what I meant.


Thanks, Handclaw

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