Starcraft 2 in 2007?

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Starcraft 2 in development? IGN cornered Paul Sams, VP of Business Operations, on the Leipzig show floor in Germany; and he reveals his love for Starcraft. And the announcement of a new game on 2007. You have to read this interview.

Paul Sams: “StarCraft is my absolutely favorite game of all time,” Sams told us. “As you probably already know, there is no doubt that we will continue the StarCraft and Diablo franchise, and trust me, I will be the happiest person in the world when we announce StarCraft 2.” While Sams wasn’t ready to spill the beans just yet, he did say Blizzard “will have a major product announcement in 2007,” and that Blizzard was currently working on at least three other unannounced titles at the moment.

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