Starcraft 2 Apri Discussion: Zerg Baneling

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All visitors please share your feedback on the Baneling.  Your feedback will be forwarded to Karune.

Karune: Last month was all about the Zerg. For the first time members of the Community and the press had the privilege to test StarCraft II’s third race. You could read a lot about the different units and buildings, see movies and screenshots, hear about the gameplay experiences. This month’s discussion topic will be about one of the new Zerg units: The Baneling, the mutation of one of the most popular Zerg units, of the Zergling. The Baneling has undergone quite a few changes in the past couple of weeks and we’d like to hear your feedback!

Information on the new Baneling:


  • 190 damage per Baneling (40+150 to building)
  • Increased splash range (100% damage taken throughout range)
  • Can be well positioned to hit multiple buildings
  • Larger & Movement Speed Slower (possible to defend with focus fire)
  • Counters Zealots, Zerglings, base Marines (not upgraded) -More Narrow window of use


  • Fast and small- Unable to defend against (focus fire)
  • Countered virtually all ground units

Questions for fans:

  • How do you like the new Baneling?
  • What possibilites do you see for using the Baneling, what strategies could be viable with the Baneling against the different races?
  • What are the pros/cons for this new Baneling?
  • Additional feedback you might have

Each StarCraft II fansite will be featuring different types of questions, so be sure to also visit those sites. All of this feedback will be compiled and sent to the dev team.

Post your answers at our forum thread or email them here.

Please structure feedback as follows:

(question you’d like to answer)
(your answer)

(question you’d like to answer)
(your answer)

Were looking forward to seeing great discussions on the new Zerg Baneling!

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