South Korean StarCraft 2 Comedy Sketch Video

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A South Korean TV Comedy Show aired a StarCraft comedy sketch that seems pretty hilarious because of all the special effects performed by people disguised with clothing the same color as the background and the in-game sound effects.

The Protoss actor stabs the Terran actor with psi-blade prothesis. The Marine responds by shooting with his rifle. The background F/X guys place a cardboard and remove pre-perforated paper off the cardboard to simulate the bullet holes on the wall.

The Protoss guy responds transforming into a Dragoon and shoots at the Marine. The background F/X guy mimics the plasma projectiles. The Terran guy lays down face down on one of the background F/X guys who kneels down to mimic a Siege Tank. The Terran guy spits out of his mouth the Siege cannon ammo rounds, and the F/X guys rotate small cardboards with explosion effects over the Protoss guy, who in turn calls forth a … Protoss Carrier. Many F/X guys put on yellow gloves to mimic the interceptors slapping the heck out of the helpless terran siege tank. A cardboard is slipped in to mimic a nuclear explosion. Protoss wins.

When the explosion cardboard is removed, the actor is gone, and a graveyard cardboard is left in his place with a GG. Hilarious even without knowing what they are talking about due to language barrier.

Source: MTV

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