Samods: Starcraft Script Commentary Analysis

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Magic, from the Star Alliance Modding Community (Samods), has posted an article titled: “StarCraft Script Commentary – 1 – Terran Campaign: Rebel Yell”. His initial analysis compares certain aspects of the original Starcraft game’s Terran Campaign with the real life American Civil War. In this article, Magic dissects quotes of each mission campaign of the entire Terran Campaign to add comments of his own like a Director’s Cut would. It could be an interesting read to fans. Read the article.


Command Ship Hyperion
Holding perimeter orbit over
Confederate Capitol World Tarsonis

Comment: The title of this level is another reference to military terminology, specifically the enormous assault by the allies in the Battle of the Somme of World War 1 (1916). In the stale-mate of horrific trench warfare, the

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