Richard A. Knaak Newsletter: Diablo Series

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Diablo: Moon of the Spider
Diablo: Moon of the Spider

Richard A. Knaak’s Newsletter is out, and he let us know what’s up in his list of upcoming Novel books.  First, in the Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo line of pocketbooks and other franchises:

MOON OF THE SPIDER, my latest foray into the world of DIABLO!  The book is due out in December just after Christmas and features the return of Zayl from THE KINGDOM OF SHADOW.  I hope that you enjoy it!

This coming year will see several new releases, too.  The second installment in the Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy book two: Shadows of Ice, the paperback of the final part of the Minotaur Wars for Dragonlance, new works in the Conan world and more Diablo.  More as those become reality, along with announcements of new projects!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those who celebrate them and may everyone enjoy a terrific New Year!


Richard A. Knaak

The Full Front and Back Cover of Diablo: Moon of the Spider

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