Public Test Realm - Patch 2.2.2

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Test Server went down recently, but don’t start your engines yet.  Patch day is far from close.  Soon patch 2.2.2 will open on Public Test Realms. Delete your older WoWtest folder.

Hortus: “We will be putting up the 2.2.2 PTR realms later this afternoon.

The 2.2.2 Patch will contain new holiday content for October, first we intend to test Brewfest and then later Hallows-End, but this may change depending on our testing needs.

There will be pre-mades and character copies for 2.2.2. The character copy process has not started yet but will shortly.

Please delete your old WoWtest folder before installing the 2.2.2 PTR.

You might all want to do this now before the patch is made available.”
Blizzard QA

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