PTR 3.3 - Varimathras Replacement Unveiled

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Back on September 23, Kisirani left fans lost and pondering who is the mysterious “B” person that would replace Varimathras in Undercity to give quests to those lvl 60-80 players who hadn’t done the earlier quests.  With PTR 3.3 now online, the mystery has been revealed. Kor’Kron Captain Bragor Bloodfist.

Blizzard Quote:
Kisirani: A bronze whelp delivers the following note, which certainly doesn’t seem to be in Sylvanas’ hand:


You’re right. Someone has to fill the void and take care of business. I’ll take that scroll from you when I get to my post.

– B

There’s no further signature, but oddly, it seems to be dated “3.3”…


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