PTR 2.4 Known Issues

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2.4 PTR known issues list
As the 2.4 patch is still in development there are still issues that need to be resolved. This is a list of issues currently occurring on the 2.4 PTR that we are aware of and working to resolve. There is no need to report these issues here in the forums or via the in-game feedback tool.


  • The new combat log is currently a work in progress bugs with the log should be held until we announce that it is ready for testing.

  • Using an instant ability after Steady Shot can lock out the use of Auto Shot.
  • Sometimes when Master Loot is enabled with a threshold above uncommon the Master Looter still has to assign uncommon Bind on Pickup loot.
  • Players are initially unable to loot any Bind on Pickup items with Master Loot on.


  • Renaming Hunter pets disconnects the client.

  • Shattrath City Peacekeepers and Scryer Vault Guardians are missing from Shattrath City.
  • Gear conversion NPCs in Quel’danas are not fully implemented.
  • Madrigosa’s flight path outside the Sunwell Plateau has unnatural movements.
  • The Hellfire Channelers in the Magtheridon encounter are not resetting properly.


  • Mac OSX 10.5.0 will corrupt the World of Warcraft application if it’s approved individually to pass through a Firewall.

  • Mac OSX 10.5 is not playing back audible sounds over voice chat.

Blizzard QA

Tigerclaw: ” If you see any kind of distorted or incorrect rendering, please write a good bug report here. A good bug report contains these details:

a) which OS environment (Windows XP, Windows Vista, MacOS X (10.x.x) )

b) what hardware you are running on (machine model, especially GPU model)
(also any details about what revision of GPU drivers you have installed)

c) conditions under which it happens

d) if it persists after manually disabling “M2UseShaders” in
SET M2UseShaders “0”

d) if it persists after manually disabling “pixelshaders” in
SET pixelshaders “0”

e) if running on Windows, if you are running the game in DirectX or OpenGL mode.

Including all of this information in your opening post can save a lot of time on our end.

Report video rendering issues here.

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