Priests - Shadowfiend and Circle of Healing Changes

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Eyonix confirmed developers are revising Priests abilities and will continue to be revised for PvE dungeons optimization.  The changes to the Shadowfiend will very much improve the experience of some guilds when fighting Moroes and other Crowd Control intensive dungeons where Priests fear to use shadowfiend due to the pet breaking Crowd Control.  The Circle of Healing is also under the eyeglass, and hopefully it will be worth.  It is currently one of the less used healing abilities due to its high cost.  Prayer of Healing is cheaper manawise.

Eyonix: “Priests should be careful how and when they use the shadowfiend. With that being said, we are improving the shadowfiend’s AI next patch so that it ignores cc’d targets.

Concerning the discontent surrounding the 41-point talent, Circle of Healing, it’s important to note that we’re simply taking small steps to improve the ability. If it turns out that the improvement to efficiency and small increase to healing done are not enough, we’ll make further adjustments as necessary.

Other improvements are being looked into as well, as we’ve stated in the numerous times in the past. This includes talents in both the discipline and holy trees. Also, it’s likely that at some point in the future, you’ll see additional improvements to priest racials.”

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