Playstation 3 may play Starcraft: Ghost

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Although the Playstation 3 release has been delayed possibly until November 2006, Ken Kutaragi confirmed backward compatibility of the PS3, which may allow PS1 and PS2 games be played on PS3.  If like me, you got ditched with Blizzard’s cancellation of Starcraft: Ghost on GameCube, and planned to get a PS2 to play the game … I suggest holding your horses, and wait until today in the afternoon when the PlayStation Business Briefing 2006 will take place. More details will be revealed today about the console.

Saving money on a PS2 and to get the benefits of the PS3 technology and backwards compatibility is worth the wait if you aim to get your paws upon Starcraft: Ghost.  It may allow you to play old and new games alike. Based upon the new details coming in the next few days, we will try to contact Blizzard Public Relations to confirm whether Starcraft: Ghost will be playable under PS3. Rumors are that not all PS2 games are going to be compatible with PS3. Stay tuned.

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