PC Gamer - The Blizzard Effect: - Wrath of the Lich King Preview

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PC Gamer has a Wrath of the Lich King preview detailing their hands-on journey through the various zones of Northrend.  Very good info about the Ice Trolls (Zul’Drak) and how they have held off the Scourge all this time; the fallen World Tree is revealed to be Grizzlemaw: the Furbolg capital city;  the Sholazar Basin factions: The Oracles (Murloc) vs. The Wolvar (Worgen); The Wyrmrest temple in Dragonblight, and much more.  A good read if you wish to learn an introduction to each zone.

“There are plenty of Troll temples and dungeons in World of Warcraft, but never a Troll zone. Zul’Drak is a homecoming, then – a sprawling mass of ruins and broken stone temples that serve as home to the Ice Trolls. The good news is that the Ice Trolls are the first to have any real success against the Scourge. The Alliance and Horde are sending heroes to their zone to discover what weapon or magic they’re using to push back the Scourge.

There is bad news, however. At the very centre of the zone is a vast pyramid. It’s where the trolls previously worshipped their animal gods. When the Scourge invaded, they stopped worshipping their gods, and began sacrificing them. It granted them just enough power to repel the undead. But now the gods are angry.”

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