Patch 2.3 Released - The Gods of Zul’Aman

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Patch 2.3 has been released allowing players to get their behindees kicked by the Zul’Aman bosses.  It is intense, it is rough. How is Zul’jin attacking the horde with these four Loa god avatars? Some lore was released today to back it up. As well as the reason Zul’jin is missing an eye and an arm. Check out the new Zul’Aman intro video and download the Zul’Aman wallpaper.

Zul’jin: This … was our land. Troll land.
We Amani was here before anyone!
The elves and their Alliance came to drive us out.
But we never give up.
We never forget.

(A battle between Alliance and Amani trolls)
(Zul’jin lies on his knees as three High Elves beat him)
(A High Elf approaches Zul’jin with a knife)

The Elves took my eye.
I cut off my own arm to escape them.
And now they fight alongside the Horde?
I spit on your Horde!

I hate you!  I hate you all!
But I got a surprise for you now.
So come on in.
The Amani never give up!
We never forget!
We never die! This is our land!
You wanna stay? You stay here forever!
We gonna bury you here.

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