Patch 2.3 PTR Gets Update

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The Patch 2.3 on PTR realms has gotten a new patch today updating the build from Wow- to Wow-

Additionally, the Live servers Wow Launcher has displayed “background downloading while playing” at least three times this week, including today.  Blizzard has been sending to players large chunks of patch 2.3 while players are online. It seems the patch 2.3 might be out the next week as claimed by the Wow Taiwan official site.  Don’t be too disappointed if that doesn’t happen.  Blizzard rarely gives an ETA on patches.  Anything may happen a week ahead, from bugs to unexpected instability issues that might delay a scheduled release.

On a side note, a special tip for fellow Paladins out there … take a screenshot of your Talent Tree.  Patch 2.3 will reset your talent tree points.  Other classes should check out their class changes in the patch notes to find out if their talent points might get a reset.

Update: Bornak: “We will be closely monitoring the testing of the 2.3 patch, and if it looks like it won’t make the November 13 date, we will announce a delay.”

We can push it back if needed and continue to watch the testing.”—Wow Forums

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