Minor Updates to Official Site

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GFraizer “Nebu” has been updating the Arreat Summit Site in the past few days.  If you wish to check out the updates, click on the appropriate links below.  He is checking his email to read submissions, so you would wish to contact him if you know of a bug, or new info:

[email protected]
Subject: Arreat Summit: Errors

Minor Updates – Nebu

  • Small Charm Magic Prefixes (updated Snowy name)

  • Magic prefixes (removed info about +1 to min/max damage on enhanced damage)

  • Amazon: Valkyrie (updated Magic Level section. If you want to add more formulae or examples and know this information, feel free
    to mail it in)

  • Items: Elite Polearms (updated text weapon speed for Ogre Axe/Colossus Voulge)

  • Unique Items: Ethereal Edge (updated max damage)

  • Unique Items: Hellfire Torch (added to guide, please report any errors)

  • Shrines (updated bottom note)

  • Magic Items: Prefixes (updated intro/weapon types)

  • Magic Find (helm)

  • Hirelings (updated level to 98)

  • Rune Words (updated description on melee weapons, added note about staves)

  • Unique Basics (modified layout)

  • Horadric Cube (minor text fix on 3 rings)

  • Set Items: Sazabi’s Ghost Liberator (updated stat order)

  • Unique Items: Amazon Items (added a + in front of some item stats)

  • Unique Items: The Oculus (updated cast text)

  • Unique Items: Polearms (updated cast text on two items)

  • Unique Items: Frostburn (updated mana text)

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