Medievaldragon - Prelude Kills Archimonde

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Hey, I had to post about this because it is a great achievement of the guild I play with for over a year since Burning Crusade started. Last week we defeated Mother Shahraz.

After some weeks of trials, tonight finally got our first Archimonde kill with a 24-man raid. Only two Shamans. It was an exhausting night with two Flask of Restoration spent and 4-5 Super Mana oils.  I didn’t get the T6 Helm, but killing Archimonde was more rewarding in my opinion.  I already have T6 Gloves and Shoulders.  More importantly, three T6 dropped from Archimonde which means three stronger players to fuel upcoming Archimonde fights and Illidari Council at the Black Temple. Once we get the Illidari down, it will be Illidan’s time to be prepared for us. GG Prelude @ Zul’jin.

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