Lurker Below Hotfixes

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Blizzard is monitoring certain boss events in Serpentshrine Cavern as well as other dungeons.  This time the Lurker Below boss is getting a hotfix and will be on observation:

Daelo: We’ve just deployed a pair of hotfixes that affect the Lurker Below encounter in Serpentshrine Cavern.

  • Coilfang Ambushers may no longer be charmed
  • Lurker Below should no longer emerge from under the water prematurely.

We’are also looking into the problem where the Lurker’s primary melee target gets knocked back by Geyser even if that player is not the actual target of Geyser.  I currently have no ETA on a fix for that issue.

We’ve found an additional uncommon but reproducible case where the casting of Sprout by Lurker Below can be interrupted prematurely and he will begin meleeing and casting other spells again.  That doesn’t sound so bad at first, but the problem is that the effect of Spout does not stop when this occurs.  This can quickly result in a very ugly situation for the raid.

We have determined a solution for the problem where the Lurker Below will interrupt his Spout and begin meleeing while the effect of Spoout is still ongoing.  Unfortunately, we’re not able to hotfix this particular change onto the servers.  The fix will have to wait for a future patch.

In the meantime, I’ll try to explain the situation that causes the problem.  The sequence of events is as follows.

1. Lurker Below submerges]
2. Coilfang Ambushers and Guardians spawn, and begin to attack the raid.
3. The raid is unable to kill all the Naga before an internal timer expires, and the Lurker Below emerges.
4. The Lurker resumes his normal combat routine, and then begins to cast Spout.
5. The raid kills the last Naga while the Lurker is performing Spout.
6. Bug happens, and chaos ensures.

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