Lunar Festival - Why should you bother?

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Well, to me it was a fancy quest chain I wouldn’t have bothered doing, and many may agree on not doing them at all.  That until I was curious and started a quest.  Immediately, I saw a 75 reputation gained with the Horde message.  I opened my reputation tab and tested a couple more quests.  Indeed … this gives you 75 reputation with all Horde and Alliance factions: Undercity, Orgrimmar, Darkspear Trolls, Silvermoon City, Thunderbluff, Stormwiind, Ironforge, Exodar, Darnassus, etc.

Now that is some nice motivation and incentive to wish to do the Lunar Festival quests.  There is one NPC on almost all main villages and dungeons of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.  The NPCs tell you where to find other four NPCs most of the time.  Giving you a headache of a World Tour at times.

So here we go if you are level 70 to sneak through since most of the pre-expansion dungeon NPCs won’t even aggro you.

In Blackrock Spire, you find the NPC at Lower BRS past the bridge near Vael.  In Blackrock Depths, you can find the NPC by the center of the Ring of Law.  Make sure you talk to him fast and run away before the Arena gate closes down.  You have around 5 seconds to go in and out. In Maraudon—this was a pain since it has 3 wings onto itself.  You can find the Lunar NPC on the Zaetar’s Tomb area. The pool below where you find the giant crocodile—there is a ramp to get out of the pool.  You can find the NPC not too far from that ramp, near the rocky serpents. For Elder Moonstrike in Scholomance do not even bother to zone in into Scholomance. I learned the hard way.  She is at the top of the Scholomance Keep so take the stairs to the roof of the building. In Zul’Farrak, the NPC is by the pool where you summon the Hydra boss.  Stratholme is the only dungeon that can’t really be sneaked in at level 70.  Only a rogue and mage (invisibility) could go in.

Draiken shared a link to a site that has some neat info about the Lunar Festival.

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