Leipzig 2008 - Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Unleashed!

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Blizzard unleashed today at 7am EST / 1pm Germany Time the awaited Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic at the 2008 Leipzig GC Event. The opening cinematic is narrated by no less than King Terenas’s voice from the past in the ears of Arthas proclaiming him his heir and future king. Arthas aims Frostmourne toward the ice and a giant Frost Wyrm arises and sets flights down a cliff as waves and waves of Undead look in awe at the power of their King. The level of realism in Blizzard cinematics have grown a notch. It simply rocks!

IGN has an interview with J. Allen Brack who confirms Wrath of the Lich King beta testing has hit its middle stage basically.  Most of the content there is to test has been tested. Very soon Blizzard will be increasing the level cap from 77 to 80. And that means very soon …!  Once the last three levels and two remaining zones are opened for testing, all that needs to be done is tuning up the classes and some dungeons.

Right now the Mage, Warrior and Warlock are under tune-up exploration. The mage as is at level 80 has been found too powerful with its 51 point doing twice the intended damage output. Blizzard is still figuring out why that is happening. Read the IGN interview with J. Allan Brack.

You can watch a video interview with J. Allen Brack and Tom Chilton at GetBuffed and the video interview at our old-german-buddies Gamona.

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