IncGamers Interviews Starcraft 2 Team

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At the Zerg reveal there was an open Q&A session where the press got to ask questions on the upcoming game, and the development. There to answer our questions were Dustin Browder (Lead Designer), along with Chris Sigaty (Lead Producer) and Samwise Didier (Art Director).

“Original StarCraft was rather heavy on the “micro management”, are you planning to make StarCraft II less intimidating for new players?

We want a balance between “micro & macro”, and don’t want to go too far in either direction. For one thing, it is easier to handle Zerglings now, with 150 units selection limit, rally points and selecting multiple buildings for making units. It is still a challenge, and something we keep refining over and over. Nothing is set in stone.”

Read the full Q&A here. You can also check out all the other new Zerg material we have gathered from Blizzard in the Zerg Coverage article.

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