Hunter Traps Redesigned

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Some hunters won’t be very happy after knowing that the latest patch changes Hunter traps from invisible to stealthed.  They are easier to detect than usual.  However, Tseric assures this will allow in the future flexibility to create new content related to how traps work.

Tseric: ” Traps will now be treated as stealthed, not invisible. Therefore, they aren’t “visible” as the current scuttlebutt would have you believe, but may become visible the way a stealthed rogue may be.

It is intended and will allow for future design options for how traps work in the game. Hypothetically speaking, you could have dungeon traps with varying levels of stealth value or “difficulty” which could be discovered by a dungeon party. Some may be easy for everyone to see, others may require perception, etc. It opens the potential for additional gameplay for rogues with finding and disarming traps.”

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