Healing tick items in combat

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Wow Europe representative Vaneras has gathered feedback about Healing ticks not working in combat properly.  It will be investigated, but so far Vaneras comments some functions aren’t working as intended—nerf wand is gonna lay the smackdown.

Vaneras: “The fact that items which periodically regenerate a certain amount of health are not currently doing so while in combat has been brought to the attention of our Quality Assurance and Development teams for further perusal; it was decided that this was not the intended functionality for this particular mechanic, and we hope to address the issue in a future content patch.

As for Troll’s Blood Potion, as opposed to such items as the Stormpike Insignia, it is actually not intended to restore health while in combat; this is currently considered to be the correct functionality for the consumable in question.”

On the bright side, we will get a boost up in the grinding of reputation according to Rob Pardo (EnoYls)

EnoYls: “we are looking to overhaul the way faction works in the expansion. It was one of those features that was put into the game in late beta and never really received the polish and refinement that it deserves.?

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