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1. World of Warcraft MMORPG is going to enter its beta stage. There will probably be some 9 months of testing before going Gold. There are certain Quests that will possibly require voice acting. Have you been contacted to participate as Voice Actor? Or, would you love to?

GT: Yes, I’d love to! I always enjoy roles involving heroic speeches and bloodcurdling death screams. I haven’t been contacted by Blizzard, but that’s not a surprise. The voice is often one of the last things done on the game.

2. We know that you are a great historical and medieval romance writer, Have you thought of writting some Starcraft, Warcraft or Diablo pocket books with some of your writting influences?

GT: Thanks for the compliment! I haven’t really considered writing for the games since I have so many of my own untold stories rattling around in my head. But never say never…

3. I bet you could write the love-triangle drama between Tyrande, and the brothers Stormrage: Furion and Illidian (10,000 years in the past of Warcraft history). Or Arthas and Jaina Proudmoore’s romance background. That part of the single player was vague in its reference to their past romance, since it is just an allusion of what they had in the past.

Would you be interested in writting a story that helps shape up what led Arthas to distance himself from Jaina; until becoming a heartless person? Events that led to his ultimate fate as the Death Knight and holder of Frostmourne sword and lastly as the Lich King’s new vessel.

GT: Even though it hasn’t been revealed, I’m sure the creators of the characters formulated a history for them already. I wouldn’t want to dishonor their work by putting my own spin on it.

4. Many may mistake you to be the heartless Queen Kerrigan in real life. Kerrigan is fictional, whereas you are real. We want to know more of the human being behind the voice. Tell us more about Glynnis Talken, the woman, the wife, the emotional, the inspired writer.

GT: Heartless? Heartless!!! Who said I was heartless?! Tell me now, or I’ll tear you limb from…Okay, so I DO have a twisted sense of humor. I like dabbling in a lot of different worlds, changing into different people. That’s probably why I love both acting and writing. I get to try on someone else’s persona for a while. I also adore being able to mingle with everyone from 70-year-old romance fans to teenage gamers, from WalMart regulars to millionaire rock stars. As for the real me, here are a few quirky credits to my name to give you a clue, things I’ve done in the past 10 years: played drums in a Tom Jones video, helped pour the foundation for my house, transcribed footage for the “Lord of the Rings” behind the scenes DVD, taken out the garbage, chatted with Nora Roberts and Dewey Bunnell, written 10 historical romances, and had 1,723 bad hair days. In my spare time, I like to play the piano, travel, party with friends, rent action movies, and kill Terrans.

5. Did you dream of becoming a writer or actress as a teenager? Tell us your testimony of Glynnys the dreamer.

GT: When I was five years old, I wanted to be a princess. But once I realized I’d have to marry into that profession, I decided an actress was the next best thing. Being terribly shy, I settled on dancing. When my body blossomed out of ballerina proportions, I took up singing. I guess I just loved performing, whatever form it took. Meanwhile, I’d been an avid reader and wrote all kinds of poems and songs through school. My dreams were never specific, which was probably a good thing. I just let my heart lead me.

6. Did you go to College? What did you study for careerwise?

GT: I attended CSU Chico and graduated with a B.A. in Music with Distinction, specializing in vocal performance. It was kind of cool—I was one of the first students enrolled in the electronic music program, and we used to goof around in the studio till the wee hours on a Moog synthesizer.

7. Can you list your career trajectory as Voice Actress? Which projects has you worked in?

GT: I started with a few spec projects for a now very successful producer—Arthur Insana. We got on well, and when he was awarded the “Star Wars” audio adventures project, he asked me to do the voices for Vima da Boda and Nomi Sunrider, among others. From word of mouth, I ended up doing a variety of things, ranging from “Jump-Start” children’s interactive CDs to Time-Life audiobooks, from Blizzard’s best-selling games to MTV’s animated series, “The Maxx.”

8. What books have you written?

GT: My published books are the Knights of de Ware trilogy: “My Champion,” “My Warrior,” “My Hero,” and a novella in “A Knight’s Vow.” Not yet published is an 1800s series set in California: “Paradise Gold,” “Paradise Wolf,” and “Paradise Hawk.” I just finished writing another medieval trilogy, Tales of Canterbury, including “The Exile,” “The Archer,” and “The Executioner.” And I’m currently working on a women warriors series, tentatively entitled, “Crossed Blades,” “Tempered Steel,” and “Warring Hearts.”

9. What inspired you to write Historical and Medieval Romance stories and not other type of genre?

GT: I’ve always had a thing for towering castles, trusty swords, and knights in shining armor. It just made sense that when I started writing, it would be about things that stirred my blood. And though my books are classified as romance—one man, one woman, happy ending—I like a lot of action, so there are loads of battles, swordfighting, kidnaping, and narrow escapes. I’m most proud when GUYS write to tell me they liked my books.

10. This Historical and Medieval influences lead me to think you love RPG. Are you a Role Playing fan? What RPG games, or guilds you participate in?

GT: I guess you could say I’m participating in a RPG when I write my books. Really, that’s the ultimate game! I get to play God. Well, sort of. Until my characters get minds of their own. Honestly, I don’t have much time for play. Two careers keep me pretty busy.

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