GC2007 - Day One

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I gotta say the media has been quietly silent on the non-public Blizzard presentation held yesterday at 10:30am GMT+1.

Today starts the open to public presentations until Sunday, August 26. Hopefully, the media is more open to do interviews, release videos and screenshots. I will be updating as the news comes. My browser is holding at least 15 websites and news hubs.  Reloading pages every few minutes. Nevertheless, you the fan could be helpful in providing links to international and local websites and blogs who offer any type of info and media. Simply contact me here.

I have added a page with what has come so far from GC2007 here – which will get updated as often as news arrive.

A rant to those sites with livestreams.  You fail.  You don’t know what the fanbase wants. I got fed up with livestreams talking only in other language, showing music videos, and when finally I see a Blizzard presentation, the guy won’t shut up to let me listen to the developer. Why are you wasting fans’p2p-bandwidth on a livestream if you won’t let people enjoy what the developer is saying? /rantoff.

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