Gamespot: Wow Closing Time

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Matthew Rorie – Gamespot Editor – wrote an article describing his experiences in exciting games like Diablo II and World of Warcraft. However, the article is aimed at how addicting and time-consuming these games are – sqeezing large amounts of time from our lives. He decided to cancel World of Warcraft.

I (Medievaldragon) have personally played World of Warcraft since closed beta (Summer 2004) and have been hooked ever since.  I feel identified with some of what Mathew wrote.  Nevertheless, I didn’t put down the game for good permanently because I wished to. Recently, my PC for some odd reason stopped working. Not sure if it’s the hard drive or the motherboard. I heard a pop and some stench of burned circuits. Lights are on, but there is no image onscreen and mouse light won’t turn on.

I have been almost 2 weeks without World of Warcraft, and I can say it is addictive.  You can’t really compare it until you go through the withdrawal effects.  Sometimes I feel bored as heck, sometimes while dreaming some elements of the game show up. As days go by, it is feeling aweful without Wow. It will take a while before I manage to repair the PC. In the meantime, my subscription is cancelled.

Whether cancelling by free will or due to PC screwing up … it is not an easy choice, but possibly the best for your real life commitments that were left behind or uncared. Seems I am getting a life once more.  The Gamespot article is a good read. As for World of Warcraft, like Terminator … this might sound biased: “I’ll be back!”

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