Gamespot talks with Jason Hayes

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Gamespot interviewed Jason Hayes to discuss his participation as Music Composer behind the soundtracks of World of Warcraft.  If you missed Blizzplanet’s interview with Jason back on 2005 take a look.

Gamespot: How tough was it to create a soundtrack for two factions (Alliance and Horde) and convey it musically?

Jason Hayes: There’s definitely some traditional feelings about Alliance versus the Horde, and what those mean and it’s a little bit tricky because there’s no one faction that’s an evil faction. The Horde has certain feelings that can at times feel a bit darker and at times a bit more barbaric. But recently in the lore of the universe, certainly the Orcs have become in some ways very noble—kind of a quest to redeem themselves and they have a nobility. Defining the regal qualities of some of the Alliance, to the Alliance characteristics and differentiating them from the Horde, is a great challenge.

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