GameReplays Visited Blizzard’s New Headquarters

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This is one of the things I mentioned earlier, which gave a hint that Zerg might be announced on March 10.  Things happening on the background, simultaneously. One more thing happens tomorrow March 11th. is also heading to Irvine to meet the Starcraft 2 Team. At the moment of this post, the fansite reporter is at Houston, Texas according to their forum. Make sure to visit them sometime tomorrow for any updates and screenshots.

GameReplays and other two fansites have visited or are about to visit the new Blizzard headquarter in Irvine.  This new building is 100% owned by Blizzard with its own parking lot. Not shared with other companies as it used to.

GameReplays offers a three pages article as a tour through what they experienced there and share a few screenshots.  The new statue to be placed in front of Blizzard headquarter will be a massive 20-feet tall Orc mounting a Wolf, based on a popular wallpaper.

Other fansites who attended this fansites invitation to the Blizzard Headquarters will be reporting their own stories with screenshot and possibly video. Keep an eye on the community.

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