Gameinformer interviews Steve Ranck

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There is a very cool interview of Starcraft: Ghost between Gameinformer Magazine Editor Adam Biessener and Blizzard/Swingin’Ape Studios Steve Ranck—Vice President of Console Development.  Two subject that highlight the interview are that Protoss will be a Multiplayer fully playable race and that Nova has more psionic abilities that have not been revealed yet!

“If you run and gun through Ghost, you can probably make it through, but you?re going to have a hard time.  The player has to think like a Ghost.  How would Nova play this game?  How would she get through this situation?  She would not cloak the entire time.  Cloaking requires energy, and just like in the RTS her suit will run out of energy.  You don?t want to cloak the entire time ? here there?s some light infantry ? you can take those guys.  Suddenly a Marine walks in, a Firebat, or four light infantry, and now it becomes serious.  Now it might be the time to raise it up to the next notch, cloak, and use that ability.  You might want to think about when to use her reflex ability, her psionic abilities that we haven?t announced yet.  These are all part of her arsenal.

We?re trying to give the player the complete experience on what it?s like to be a Ghost.  So the balance there is really up to the player.  If they want to play action, they really can.  You can play cloaked a lot, and stay behind the scenes.  You can actually make it through entire levels without ever being seen.  It?s a little on the difficult side but you can do that.”

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