Future Starcraft Game titles?

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A Blizzard representative offered an unusual response to a player, which might open few speculations. However, he covered himself well. It is up to you to dismiss or spring up diverse opinions on the matter:

Blizzard Europe recently announced the following: “We are pleased to announce that our European Offices are now supporting all of our Legacy titles. This includes the Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft series. They will be able to provide support in English, French, German, and Spanish. If you wish to contact our European Support department.”

To this Veta@USEast asked at the Official Starcraft Forums the following:

Veta: What series?! There’s only one game. Books are not part of the series, only the Universes. So… I would kindly ask that it would say “the Diablo and WarCraft series and StarCraft.”

DatH – a Blizzard Representative – replied:  StarCraft and Brood War. StarCraft64 is unsupported by the Blizzard team but users will be able to talk about it there if they wanted to. Future game titles for the StarCraft Universe will be included there as well.  I meant things like Ghost, if it gets resumed. Our internal support team has not downsized. We’re still the same. We expanded to include Europe and other countries as part of Blizzard instead of relying on 3rd party support.

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