FigurePrints introduces Burning Crusade sets and new Base Choices

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Burning Crusade Armor Sets!

Remember all the hard work earning your Burning Crusade Tier 6 armor set? Now you can order a FigurePrints statue commemorating all that past effort. All of the high level armor sets included Dungeon Sets 1 through 3, Raid Tiers 1 through 6, and Arena Seasons 1 through 4 are now available during FigurePrints statue customization at

More Base Choices!

In addition to adding more high level armor sets, we’ve also added nine new bases to further customize your FigurePrints statue. Choose one and make your order truly unique.

Gift Certificates Now Available!

Not sure what to get that special someone? FigurePrints gift certificates are the perfect gift for the World of Warcraft players in your life. Choose any amount from $5 and $500, and you

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